Bertram (also known as "Bert") is Dirk the Daring's white stallion that appears in the animated series, the comics and also Dragon's Lair 3D. he is used as transportation by Dirk and his companions and often accompanies them on their adventures. He serves as a source of comic relief on the show, along with Timothy.

TV seriesEdit

The cartoon series marks the first appearance of Bertram. His voice effects are made by Peter Cullen, who is also the voice of Sir Hubert Blunt.

Dragon's Lair 3DEdit

Bertram is seen in the introduction cartoon, carrying Dirk to the Singe's Castle. It is the only time where Bertram appears in a video game.


Bertram takes Dirk to The Grim, Dingy Swamps of the Dark Kingdom where he is scared by the Hydra Snakes and then pulls Dirk out of a quicksand. Outside the Lair of the Lizard King, they are surrounded by crocodiles, and Bertram runs luring the away allowing Dirk to enter the castle.

After the adventure, Bertram takes him to the Graveyard of Gloom and waited while Dirk entered a crypt. Bertram showed up to ick the skeleton of Franco the Fearless with his hind legs, as it was about to slay Dirk. Finally he carries Dirk away galloping under a bone golem.

As they reach the Sands of Fire, Dirk continues alone, telling Bertram to find a way around and meet him later t the games of the Castle. Indeed, Bertram waits for him at the gates as he comes out with Daphne, and carries the couple back to their kingdom.