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Dirk the Daring is the main protagonist of the Dragon's Lair video game and subsequent franchise. He is the valiant knight that rescues Princess Daphne from the clutches of the dragon Singe and Mordroc the wizard.

Dirk has a well-built body, black hair, large nose, black eyes and a handsome face. He wears gray armor with an orange overshirt, a helmet, sccabard and gray boots. He wields a sword.

A valiant knight of the kingdom, Dirk was entrusted with the rescue of Princess Daphne from the clutches of Mordroc and Singe because all other knights were killed. He is the highest ranking knight- a general. He is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave and strong. He becomes heir to the throne upon saving Princess Daphne; following her rescue, Dirk and Daphne were married.

His abilities include walking, running, jumping, punching, kicking, headbutting and sword slashing.


  • In the original Dragon's Lair, Dirk was voiced by the game's director. Most of Dirk's "dialogue" consists of him screaming, grunting, gasping and/or dying.
  • The only times you see Dirk's hair in the original Dragons Lair is in the Phantom knight scene, and the ending. All the other times you see it is when he dies.

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