A continuation of the Dragon's Lair adaptation by Readysoft based on scenes from the original Dragon's Lair which were left out.

Released in 1990 for the PC, Amiga, Atari ST and Mac OS, it borrows its title from the earlier 8-bit Dragon's Lair Part II: Escape from Singe's Castle (ESC). Although they share some levels, it is sometimes considered its remake.


According to the manual, Dirk the Daring had just rescued Princess Daphne, but before his death, the dragon Singe put a curse on her. Daphne falls asleep but Dirk brings her back to life with a kiss, only to see her vanish. Then a figure known as the Shapeshifter appears among smoke and thunders, telling him that Singe was only guarding the gold of the wizard they are serving (possibly Mordroc) and Daphne belongs to him. It vanishes among smoke, and Dirk sets off to rescue Daphne.

Although the game was made to incorporate scenes that were left out from the original game, it also includes some original scenes in order to conclude the new scenario.


The program offered some interface with various options, such as dificulty level, direction hints, mirror scenes, save, load, hard drive installation, and optionally link both Dragon's Lair and Escape from Singe's Castle to be played as a single game in one playthrough. In this case, the original game can be played with the options of the new game (such as hints).

Scenes listEdit

Number Name in manual Name in gameplay Notes
1 End of Corridor
2 Checkerboard Corridor Tilt Also in ESC
3 Metallic Flying Horse Horse Also in ESC
4 Large Wooden Platforms WalkWay
5 The Smithy Smithee Also in ESC
6 Swinging Ropes of Fire Ropes
7 The Lizard King Lizard Also in ESC
8 Dungeon Room Knocker Original scene
9 The Goons Goons
10 Lava Field Of The Mudmen MudMen Also in ESC
11 Entrance To The Shapeshifter's Den Labyrinth Original scene
12 Mirror in Castle Corridor Original scene
13 Skeleton Grounds Crypt Original scene
14 Black Spiny Vines
15 The ShapeShifter's Den Original scene