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Dragon's Lair: The Complete Series cover.

Dragon's Lair is a short-lived television cartoon series by Ruby-Spears Productions based on the 1983 video game of the same name. Thirteen half-hour episodes were produced from 1984[1]–1985,[2] airing on ABC. Between the late '80s and the early '90s, the show was rerun on the USA Cartoon Express, and has also aired on Boomerang.


The series chronicles the adventures of Dirk the Daring, who is the best knight in the kingdom of King Ethelred. Dirk performs all sorts of great deeds while protecting the kingdom and his love, Princess Daphne, from the forces of the evil dragon Singe. In this program there are several original characters like his stallion Bertram, his squire Timothy, and arrogant knight Sir Hubert Blunt who is Dirk's rival.

Before each commercial break, Dirk the Daring faces a cliffhanger, and, in keeping with the spirit of the game, the storyteller narrates Dirk's options and asks the viewer "What would you do?". After the commercial break, the outcomes of the various choices are shown before Dirk acts on the correct idea (with the occasional exception) to advance the story.

Several enemies from the original game also make their appearance as adversaries: the Lizard King, the Phantom Knight, the Giddy Goons and the Mudmen. In the episode "The Legend of the Giant's Name", an Ardu giant awakened by Singe forces Dirk to find his way out of an enchanted cave, which gradually transforms him into a skeleton, much like the death animations of the game.

List of episodesEdit

No. Episode title Original airdate Summary
1 The Tale of the Enchanted Gift 8 September 1984 Dirk finds a perfect gift for Princess Daphne's birthday.
2 Sir Timothy's Quest 15 September 1984
3 The Tournament of the Phantom Knight 22 September 1984
4 The Smithee's Haunted Armor 29 September 1984
5 The Pool of Youth 6 October 1984
6 The Story of Old Alf 13 October 1984
7 The Song of the Chimes 20 October 1984
8 The Girl from Crow's Wood 27 October 1984
9 Mirror, Mirror 3 November 1984 Singe uses a magic mirror to turn himself into a copy of Dirk and discredit him.
10 The Snow Witch 10 November 1984
11 The Tale of Dirk's New Sword 17 November 1984
12 The Legend of the Giant's Name 24 November 1984 In his latest plot against King Ethelred's kingdom, Singe awakens the last of the Ardu Giants by saying his real name.
13 The Mist of Wishes 1 December 1984


Additional voicesEdit

  • Marilyn Schreffler
  • Michael Sheehan

DVD releaseEdit

On September 20, 2011, Warner Bros. released Dragon's Lair: The Complete Series on DVD in region 1 via their Warner Archive Collection. This is a Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) release, available exclusively through Warner's online store and only in the US.[3]


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