The Giddy Goons are enemies from the first Dragon's Lair video game. They appear in the scene where Dirk the Daring is climbing a flight of stairs, where they proceed to ambush him from above and below. The Goons are purple, animalistic goblins that carry daggers which they plunge into unsuspecting adventurers. Dirk defeats them by slicing them in half with his sword. Their calls sound like a monkey's screeching.

Dragon's Lair (Software Projects)Edit


The Giddy Goons level appears in the 8-bit home computer version. In this version they look like abstract rodents or kangaroos wandering on tall platforms, instead of stairs. Dirk has to jump from platform to platform.

In some versions the Giddy Goons level is the first level of the game. In other versions it is the fifth level.


Along with a few other enemies, the Giddy Goons have their name spelled out by a caption in the original game's intro.