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Princess Daphne1

Princess Daphne in the magic bubble.

Princess Daphne is the daughter of The King Ethelred and an unnamed Queen. Her background belongs to the damsel in distress stock: A beautiful maiden coveted by many princes and knights, her heart belongs to the Kingdom's champion, Dirk the Daring.

In the games she wears a headband with a miniature crown, a gown, high heels, bracelet and necklace.

Dragon's LairEdit


In the first game, she is taken by the dragon Singe and imprisoned in a crystal orb. According to the manual of the 8-bit version, Singe commanded Ethelred to surrender his kingdom before sunset.

Daphne appears in the final level of the game, giving Dirk directions to use the magic sword and slay the dragon.

TV seriesEdit

Daphne shocked

In the TV series her character and role are far more developed. She is an adventurous character, often eager to abandon her princely pose and joins Dirk and Timothy in their adventures. Also, her attire is less revealing, wearing a proper princely dress.

Dragon's Lair II: Time WarpEdit

At the start of the game, 10 years have passed after her adventure with Singe. Daphne and Dirk are married and have over a dozen children. However she is again captured, this time by the evil wizard Mordroc, who wants to enslave her with the Death Ring.

At the end of the game, the Ring transforms her into a monster, but Dirk saves her by removing it from her finger. She then falls into a coma, but Dirk cures her with a kiss.

Dragon's Lair III: The Curse of MordreadEdit

Mordread, Mordroc's evil witch sister, imprisons Dirk's homestead into an orb on her staff. Dirk however was not in the house, so he begins pursuing Mordread to restore his home, and Daphne inside it.






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