Singe and Dirk

Singe is the dragon who kidnapped Princess Daphne with Mordroc. He serves as the main villain of the first game, but is the secondary antagonist overall.

He has a green complexion,large nose,violet horns,violet ears,violet beard, well built body,back scales and six ribbed body.

He is Mordroc's faithful servant. He is scary, strong, brave, persistent and evil. He does all that he can just to make his promise to kill Dirk The Daring.He does evil things,big or small,like his master. He trapped the princess in Mordroc's Tower. And he is also known as snarky, impolite, negative, greedy, egotistical, stubborn, intelligent, narrow-minded, grumpy and emotional.

His abilities were walking,running,flying,punching,kicking,headbutting and firebreathing.

Boss BattleEdit

When fighting Singe you are in a room full of gold coins (the dragon's treasure) he uses his breath weapons to fight you. Most of this battle is dodging his fire attacks and when he is exposed, swing your sword at his gut.

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